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For years, the solution to IO bottlenecks has been pretty consistent: (1) add spindles to decrease seek time and increase throughput, and (2) add as much RAM as you can so your filesystems and applications can cache hot data and avoid disk access entirely.  These brute-force attempts to gain performance are inherently flawed and costly.  The price of increasing the number of disks in an array adds up quick, to say nothing of the investment in additional JBODs when you run out of slots in your array.  And although the cost of consumer-grade memory has fallen, relying upon RAM for caching in enterprise environments can get expensive, quickly.  Worse, once you run out of DIMM slots for all that RAM, you’re left with no way to increase the size of your cache aside from purchasing more servers and building a clustered environment.   Cheaper IOPS: SSD vs Spinning Ru... (more)

The Cool (Or Is It Hot?) New SATA Spec for SSD

The IT Dog is waggin’ his tail today with this one.  I love progress and the SSD revolution is certainly pushing the storage industry forward on many fronts.  New products with SSD in every segment of the IT data chain from the server side SSD to SSD raid storage.  SSD capabilities has so radically changed the performance parameters of data IO that long standing data interface standards need to be updated to take advantage of the true benefits SSDs offer.  Today’s standard for discussion is SATA. SATA Yesterday and Today Sounds like the name of great conference somewhere in the mi... (more)

Is Your Data On “The Highway To Hell”?

Please forgive the IT Dog  for channeling a little AC/DC today.  I needed some way to get ‘highway’ and ‘data’ in the same sentence and you’ll see in a minute why ‘Highway to Hell’ is appropriate here. I was reading a blog on the Nevex website regarding block-based vs. file-based caching and the author started using a “highway full of cars” as an analogy for moving data around.  So, I decided to run with this highway imagery and explain how doing file-based caching is like putting your data on the 405 freeway at LAX, 5 pm on a... (more)

Don’t Buy RAID cards for SSD Caching

“Where have you been Dog?” The IT Dog here again, back from summer sabbatical. Well, it was more like an “election” sabbatical since I spent the last six months working on the campaign to elect Barkington T. Howl, III as President of United Dogs of America (UDA). “Bark,” as his frat brothers call him, turned out to be a little too high-brow and out of touch with the rank-and-file UDA constituency. He lost in a landslide. Anyway, I am now back at my day job, talking about SSDs in the IT marketplace. Did you miss me? Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Blog Topic So what is the first th... (more)

Doggin’ It with VDI

Hey there; the IT Dog back with some color commentary on our VDI experience. When I first heard the name, I thought VDI was the latest model Volkswagen diesel, but as the guy with the suit explained in the last blog, VDI is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.  Now that you know what VDI means, I am sure you know all there is to know about it, right?  Well, I wish it was that easy for me. Where Do I Begin? I guess I’ll start from the beginning.  At my company, my IT guys were at their wits end trying to manage the 1000 or so desktops, spread out over four different locations, with va... (more)